Business law

Business law

Business law covers the entire regulatory framework that governs a business day. Our assistance can be anything from a simple consultation about what a clause in an agreement means to more extensive assignments such as assistance in acquiring or selling companies.

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We assist clients in commercial disputes, both in negotiations before trial and in trial or arbitration proceedings. We also handle contacts with insurance companies regarding legal protection for cover of legal costs. Together with our clients we assess the legal position and matters of evidence to be able to recommend either court actions or settlement discussions. 

Company law

We assist in matters concerning drafting and interpretation of shareholder's agreements and articles of association for limited liability companies. We also advice on matters of other company law, such as board and general meeting issues, minority issues, home affairs, issues of capital increase, etc. We also act as chairman at Annual General Meetings. We have extensive practise in  various owner disputes. We also advice in matters regarding economic associations and trading companies.   

Mergers and Acquisitions

Corporate transfers are often complex cases where lawyers and accountants need to interact closely with the client. In many cases the deal is preceded by a review of the company, so-called due diligence. We assist our clients in such reviews and ensure that a well-adapted agreement is established that regulates the deal. Our work is carried out in close cooperation with the client's auditor and financial staff and according to the general best practise in such transactions. 

Property law

We assist in buying and selling commercial real estate. The assistance may refer to the preparation of purchase agreements, assistance in the sale of pre-sale properties, as well as agreements on property management as an option for sale. We also advise on title and mortgage matters, easement, various rights of use and also planning matters.

Commercial agreements

We will assist in formulating the agreements that our clients need and in reviewing the contractual proposals that our clients receive from their counterparties. We can contribute to creative solutions and highlight the traps contained in the agreement. The goal is to reduce risk exposure and to make the deal as good as possible for our client. We are of course familiar with the current set of general terms and conditions in use on the market and will use those if it is in ours clients best interest. 

Tenancy law

We have vast experience in commerical tenancy law and land lease law.  We assist clients with drafting of tenancy contracts, in matters of termination and re-negotations, in matters of forfeited leases, proceedings before the rent tribunal and in public court cases regarding damages for unrightful termination of contracts. We can also assist in matters of deposition of rent. 


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