Avant Advokater AB
Avant Attorneys Ltd 





We have a clear ambition with our law firm. As you can tell from our name, we want to be one step ahead all the time.
We have focused on business law and insolvency law and strive to be a leading firm in the region within these areas. 



We want to be committed, professionally as well as to society. We have chosen to engage in lawyer and insolvency matters. We are also fellow human beings because it makes us feel good. Learn more about our commitments in the links.

 The Swedish Bar Association 

We take part in the work of the Swedish Bar Association. 
We believe in the importance of influencing and supporting the development of professional standards. Henrik Snellman is a former member of the board of the Swedish Bar Association and presently secretary to the local Eastern branch of the Swedish Bar Association.  
For more information about the Swedish Bar Association, 
please follow the link.